Posted on October 18, 2022

Blowback in Britain

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, October 18, 2022

Whites are held captive by their best traits. Whites want to believe in their countries, histories, and traditions, even when Western governments are run by people who are indifferent or even hostile to them.

In the United States, whites have the highest rates of patriotism. Although the federal government gives blacks and Hispanics preferential treatment, many non-white activists greet Independence Day with scorn or protest. Patriotism is at a record low and is declining even among whites. It’s not surprising. If those in power have contempt for a country’s history and identity, why should the people respect the country? If the ruling class behaves like foreign occupiers, why should it deserve the loyalty of patriots?

It’s worse in the United Kingdom. Britain does not have free speech. Immigrants are displacing the indigenous people. Enoch Powell was right; the United Kingdom, unnecessarily, imported an American-style race problem. Stephen Lawrence is today a far more admired figure than Winston Churchill. The spontaneous tributes throughout the UK after the death of Queen Elizabeth II show that England yet lives. However, many non-whites celebrated the Sovereign’s death.

A few months ago, the Royal Air Force imposed an “effective pause” on hiring white men. Instead, the RAF wanted women and non-whites. One courageous female officer resigned in protest.