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US Mexico Boarder Entire 1954 Miles Aerial View

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 An extended flyover view of the California-Mexico Border.

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Arizona to the Pacific: Flying Along the US - Mexico border | San Diego Union-Tribune

Mexico is on the left side from the wall.


the wall.must be higher and better....the Mexicans just have to set both feet in USA soil and wait for officers to.pick them up and they can stay in the USA...applying for asylum
very interesting footage, informative. I did not know Tejuwana (however its spelled) is so huge. I always thought of it as a  tourist trap location of a  couple of dirt streets with a lot of bars and drug dealers and  sidewalk vendors. But it's a well developed big city, certainly not 3rd world, but then mexico isn't a 3rd word country any more.  It's a shame with so many miles of fencing they didn't put a much better barrier up, but it's good to see that much is  covered.  the more I see of mexico the angrier I get that Mexicans cntine to flood into America when they have everything in their own country, but welfare of course. what burns me up the most is how they are over crowding our schools when they have schools and universities in mexico for their people.  Right now today ICE should sweep every school and get the entire illegal families sent back to their own counrys. There is NO reason for American to have this massive burden.    On top of it, the gall of those illegals protesting and screaming for rights in America, they can go back to their own county and make those demands of their own government, and insult their own president.

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  US MEXICO BORDER | Entire 1954 miles aerial view | Do you support the wall?

 The border wall between USA and Mexico has pros and cons. It will help curb lot of illegal activities and illegal immigrants. However the border will also cost billions of dollars to construct and maintain it. It will impact on wildlife hindering migration. Do you support the US Mexico Border Wall.

This video shows the entire length of USA Mexico Border as a aerial shot from west coast to east coast using Google Earth Studio. The length of the US Mexico border is 1954 miles with lot of different types of terrain. Major stretch is separated by Rio Grande river.

Even if the wall costs a $100 billion, which it doesn't, it is still a bargain. 24 million illegal aliens cost American tax payers at least $140 billion PER year above and beyond what they contribute to the economy. I am not counting 70,000 deaths thru fentanyl, drug trafficking, criminal gangs and sex trafficking, etc. Just strictly in economic terms and even then only in terms of taxes not counting loss of jobs to American citizens. Millions of illegal alien children do not get educated for free in our public schools nor do their free hospital care come free to tax payers.


Ive been to mexico and most local businesses have tall fencing with barb wire to prevent theft. That means even they know walls work!

There unprotected areas at texas, and new mexico,wide open easy for this people to coming to USA. Very insane

3:00 that's my neighborhood, across the border of the red X. Illegals jump into my neighborhood all the time.. Build the wall Ten Feet Taller!

yes I support the wall and deporting the 30 million illegal interlopers

Deport illegal aliens! Stop letting so many people in the US. Look at Europe.

Yes I support the wall as well something like this should have happened years ago America would have been a better place years ago if so we have enough problems with illegal aliens in our country already we should Deport all aliens and get America back on track. You ever heard of the saying high fences make good neighbors. The same goes for the wall.

Absolutely..! If obama can give 150 Billion to Iran we can afford to Build The Wall..! Besides American taxpayers will save billions on prevented illegal immigrant subsidies programs..! Personally I believe if we simply discontinue illegal immigrant subsidies programs we don’t need the Wall because socialist leftists claims The Wall will not stop illegal drugs entering the US nonetheless, or so they say..! But it will stop future socialist immigrants from voting for socialist democrat politicians considering democrats have attempted to pass federal bills allowing illegal immigrants to vote..!

yes in a sense to.prevent illegal drugs smuggled into u.s. , drugs is already embedded deep to u.s victimizing youngsters, its effects is hard to control

Do Canada and USA. We need a wall too

For all the open borders people. I want you to start by leaving your doors and windows unlocked day and night. pretty much the same thing. The bible says you cannot have a kingdom without walls. If good walls make good neighbors, then I want all the open border people to take DOWN the fences around where they live (provided they own the property).

Our borders is our military's real job ! Not other countries borders !

I think we need wall and hire more ice agents and go get illegal people in America and kick there ass out of America were tired of being nice


Yes we need a wall and we need to change our immigration laws. Our weak immigration laws are the main reason so many are coming in now. And we need to prosecute rouge senators and mayors that openly ignore the immigration laws we do have and promote sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. Also the estimated number of illegal aliens has been 30 million for decades. I think it’s at least double that maybe more.

Of course we support the wall!! Us citizens homeless , sick, starving getting no help yet these immigrants get coddled and provided everthing and they are bringing diseases into country luke TB, measles, flu, and other illnesses that our own homeless cannot get free medical help with. Only ullegal law breakers get the moon!! US democrats spits on its legal citizens.

BUILD the wall .  Cut off all benefits and Enforce e-verify .


Absolutely, build it bigger and wider, then start mass deportation.

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  new border wall calexico california


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USA - Mexico Border Wall Drone Video (San Diego - Tijuana) Please subscribe 10K

Its quite interesting to see the Mexicans have built near the border but Americans left a huge empty space of land!

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