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Global Warming Hoax

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  Bill Gates Says Math Is 'White Supremacy'


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Bill fuck you piece of shit Zionist fucken insect cunt pedo
I say Bill Gates is an idiotic, inhuman, psychopath who needs to be found, arrested, and put on death row. He is a danger to the public and society. There's no other cure for this trash.

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John Kennedy grills climate grifter from the US Department of Energy on the Climate Scam


John Kennedy grills climate grifter from the US Department of Energy on the Climate Scam:

"If we spend $50 trillion to become carbon neutral by 2050, how much is that going to reduce world temperatures?"

"You don't know, do you? You just want us to spend $50 trillion, and you don't have the slightest idea whether it's going to reduce world temperatures."

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  Global Warming Scam Claimed Ice Free Arctic By 2014

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Climate change is a Jewish issue.

  A View from the Bleachers: Climate change is a Jewish issue

Maybe it is really time to come home. Climate change is very much a Jewish issue. Maybe the Jewish community needs to act with the same urgency it did for so many other issues. Our presence among the civil rights marches is well known. Our participation in protest to end the war in Vietnam is not a secret. Our march on Washington in 1986 to protest the treatment of our Jewish brothers and sisters in the Soviet Union is a high water mark for our commitment to human dignity. While there have been Jewish organizations who tepidly support environmental protest, and rabbis who urge their congregations to recognize the dangers, it has not been a burning issue for our community. There are, of course, burning issues that galvanize our hearts and souls: the safety and security of Israel; increasing incidents of antisemitic violence; gender equality; welcoming beleaguered immigrants to our communities; reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous peoples. Yet none of these issues seem to have a lasting impact on us as individuals and as a community.

Interestingly, the environment is the one issue that Torah and the rabbis agree is a profound ethical imperative. Deuteronomy 20, 19-20, tells us not to destroy fruit bearing trees during battle. This mitzvah was to be known as bal tashchit (do not destroy). The rabbis broadened this rule far beyond the limits of the battlefield. Our ancient scholars saw the obvious fit with the Torah’s concern for sustainability. The Sabbath, the sabbatical and the Jubilee year are concerned with the integrity of nature and the boundaries of human striving. The laws and rules that forbid the mixing of species, seeds, and altering the natural flow of creation with nature are a powerful reminder that we are guardians of creation, not destroyers of it. Nearly 150 years ago, Rabbi Samuel Raphael Hirsch wrote the laws ask us to regard all living things “as servants in the household of creation,” which Rabbi Jonathan Sacks termed “a kind of social justice applied to the natural world.”



Proof That The Rothschilds’ Bank Of England Is Behind Global Warming Hoax

Mark Carney, the governor of the Rothschild’s Bank of England, issued a warning that companies and industries that are not moving towards zero-carbon emissions will be punished by investors and go bankrupt:

Mark Carney also told the Guardian it was possible that the global transition needed to tackle the climate crisis could result in an abrupt financial collapse. He said the longer action to reverse emissions was delayed, the more the risk of collapse would grow.

Carney has led efforts to address the dangers global heating poses to the financial sector, from increasing extreme weather disasters to a potential fall in asset values such as fossil fuel company valuations as government regulations bite. The Guardian revealed last week that just 20 fossil fuel companies have produced coal, oil and gas linked to more than a third of all emissions in the modern era.

The Bank of England has said up to $20tn (£16tn) of assets could be wiped out if the climate emergency is not addressed effectively. But Carney also said great fortunes could be made by those working to end greenhouse gas emissions with a big potential upside for the UK economy in particular.

In an interview with the Guardian, Carney said disclosure by companies of the risks posed by climate change to their business was key to a smooth transition to a zero-carbon world as it enabled investors to back winners.

“There will be industries, sectors and firms that do very well during this process because they will be part of the solution,” he said. “But there will also be ones that lag behind and they will be punished.

Carney said in July: “Companies that don’t adapt will go bankrupt without question.

US coal companies had already lost 90% of their value, he noted, but banks were also at risk. “Just like in any other major structural change, those banks overexposed to the sunset sectors will suffer accordingly,” he told the Guardian.

The central bank governor said transition to net zero carbon emissions would change the value of every asset, raising the risk of shocks to the financial system.

“Some [assets] will go up, many will go down. The question is whether the transition is smooth or is it something that is delayed and then happens very abruptly. That is an open question,” he said. “The longer the adjustment is delayed in the real economy, the greater the risk that there is a sharp adjustment.”

In April, Carney said: “The stakes are undoubtedly high, but the commitment of all actors in the financial system to act will help avoid a climate-driven ‘Minsky moment’ – the term we use to refer to a sudden collapse in asset prices.”

Far from damaging the global economy, climate action bolsters economic growth, according to Carney. “There is a need for [action] to achieve net zero emissions, but actually it comes at a time when there is a need for a big increase in investment globally to accelerate the pace of global growth, to help get global interest rates up, to get us out of this low-growth, low-interest-rate trap we are in.”

The Rothschilds founded the Bank of England right after the Jews were readmitted to England after having been expelled for 300 years by King Edward I for usury and ritual murder.  The BoE was the first central bank to issue money as unpayable debt, the world’s greatest Ponzi Scheme, and it has been the model of all central banks, including the Federal Reserve, since then.

And if you want to understand why the global warming or “climate change” propaganda is pushed 24/7 by the jewish-controlled media, now you know: the Rothschilds are using it as a way of keeping their ever-expanding Ponzi Scheme afloat, and they clearly intend to threaten and punish any businesses that won’t play ball.

Reading between the lines, the veiled threat couldn’t be more obvious — Rothschild is willing to threaten the world with a global economic collapse if they don’t fall in line and go along with their “Green Revolution,” but the only thing that’s going to get “greener” is the Rothschild’s bank accounts, not the environment.



Christ kicked the money-changers out of the temple, just as King Edward kicked them out of Christian England, but Judas Goat Oliver Cromwell let them back in England for 30 pieces of silver from the Jews in Amsterdam. They immediately set up the Bank of Rothschild (aka Bank of ‘England’), and the country has slowly but surely been handed over to the Anti-Christ….yes, Anti-Christ.

The ethnic British people in England, The True Israelites, have one chance of survival, and that’s to return to Christ. Otherwise, they will be utterly destroyed by the Jews who rule over them, and they will literally be wiped off the map and replaced with racial mongrels. That’s your future, and you’ve been warned. Ignorance is no longer an excuse.

Global Warming Hoax

The Socialist dictatorship media promotehuman made global warming hoax which many people now referred to

as Climate- Gate, the following video Michael Coren with Lord Christopher Monckton ( Jewish ).

Lord Christopher Monckton ends the Global Warming Debate and proves its a Hoax Muslims and the World Published on May 25, 2013

Left: Medieval warm period   Centre: Little Ice age Right: present temperature

Lord Christopher Monckton is a hotly requested speaker in climate change and global warming debates. This is a presentation he gave to an audience in California where the government wanted to introduce climate change legislation.

When Homoerectus lived in Europe, Europe was hot (tropical) to the extent that hippos swam in what is now the Thames River. They obviously cannot live in a cold climate which is Europe today. At this same time there were straight-tusked elephants living throughout Europe as well.

Climate -Gate - Michael Corenwith Lord Christopher Monckton - part 1 of 5 4 June 2011 - nine minutes- uploaded by TheWahbulance those people who promote climate guide

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24 November 2009- eight minutes uploaded by Russia Today

Alex Jones on Climategate: Hoax of all time a global Ponzi scheme

Police in the UK have begun an investigation into the theft and publication on Russian internet servers of private emails, which are thought to prove that global warming theory was fabricated. Alex Jones, the renowned filmmaker and radio host, dubs this scandal as one of the biggest hoaxes and financial frauds in the history of mankind. He says that it appears to be a global 'Ponzi scheme' which allowed bankers to profit from bogus carbon taxes for years.


@mojoidol Is that the same Al Gore who was a major shareholder in Occidental petroleum and whos mansions uses 11 times the average US homes electricity? Go google these things Al Gore believers - 'Al Gore occidental petroleum' and 'Al Gores home uses 11 times electricity'

 Al Gore is Jewish.

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Global Warming Hoax, Planned in 1961

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How They Affect You and What You Can Do

"Chemtrails" — How They Affect You and What You Can Do

THRIVE Movement Published on 1 Aug 2013

Have you noticed more planes flying overhead in your community that leave trails behind them in the sky? These patterns are the result of "weather modification" programs — also referred to as "solar radiation management" or "chemtrails". The international program involves spraying aluminum, barium, strontium and other toxic chemicals from airplanes at high altitudes that then fall to the ground, ending up in our bodies, our water, our soil and the air we breathe.

For more information, including links mentioned in the video, please visit:

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NASA Scientist: Global Warming Is Nonsense

Please do one on the medieval warm period when the Vikings lived in Greenland and, the historical record from the Arctic where people travelled to 81 degrees 29 mins north in the year 1923, the furthest ever recorded. Also, should ye have the time to examine it, the events in Europe in the early part of the 1700s, when the Seine and the Loire dried up so much that people were able to walk across them.

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​​​​Trump Challenges Climate Change Scam

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Climate has always been changing.

The Last Time the Globe Warmed

 Learn more about CuriosityStream at PBS Member Stations rely on viewers like you.

To support your local station, go to Imagine an enormous, lush rainforest teeming with the Arctic. Well, there was a time -- and not too long ago -- when the world warmed more than any human has ever seen. (So far)

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Climate Change Collapse: Exposing Green Failure, Fraud, Deception


Al Gore owns beach front property in Santa Barbera california. He bought it for 9m dollars at the same time he was screaming about rising sea levels. His ex wife now lives in the house.

I live beside the ocean and Al Gore told us 30 years ago my home would be under water, it hasn't raised a inch! Just another scam to steal are money.

Gore made a fortune ranting and writing about the dangers of rising sea levels, and immediately went out and bought a beach house. Say Al...just FYI, 97% of sea level rise, since the end of the most current Ice Age ,11000 years ago, took place before Christ was born. We are in what scientists call an "Inter-Glacial Period". When the ice returns, and it always has, 90% of the human race will perish.

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 The mainstream media promote globeral warming

The Last Time the Globe Warmed

Al Gore a Fraud?


 "Yes, Al Gore is indeed a fraud. He has Made millions off scaring people into believing in his narrative."

Al Gore will have a lot to answer for. The fiddling of original meteorological data by NOAA and IPCC has brought climate scientists into disrepute. Genuine and honest climate scientists must disassociate themselves from the totally dishonest mantra produced by so-called man-made climate warming/change. History tells us that so-called "scientists" who produce reports based on falsified data always end up totally discredited, bankrupted, unemployable, and labelled as criminals. The time is now fast approaching when Al Gore is likely to face criminal prosecution for knowingly misleading governments and their policy makers for personal enrichment.

Yep. Al Gore's useless. I remember people saying coastal cites would be under water. Well, guess what, THEY'RE STILL HERE. +0.2, what, 20 years. I'm not losing any sleep over it! I'm no expert but pushing back against ~30 years of third wave feminism and averting a migrant crisis is a higher priority. If the temperature dropped by a degree they'd freak out about global cooling. They're self righteous morons. Jill, I liked the video! Thanks for posting!

I looked at the Wikipedia article on the Paris Agreement. I must say it is interesting that 194 counties signed it. 179 of them signed it on the same day. It is peculiar that 194 countries just magically 'agree' on this. How often do the vast majority of countries agree on anything? Let alone something as abstract and ambiguous as Climate Change. Something shady is going on!

15 years ago he predicted we would all be dead by now

In 2006, algore said that we had ten years to save the planet before reaching the point of no return. That deadline passed by two years ago. Then in October this year (2018) the UN announced that we had 12 years to save the planet. algore backed them up by saying that time is running out. Talk about moving the goal posts!
  10 years ago Gore said Manhattan would be under 20 feet of water!

Bush Fires

The globalist media promotes the idea that bush fires are caused by global warming which is cause by Humans. But they don't tell you that bush fires have been occurring since the dawn of plant Earth.

All tribal people including Australian aboriginals and ancient Europeans did back burning to burn-off the dead vegetation so in summer there is new vegetation to help attract new animals for hunting. Even now modern city councils, forestry associations and fire brigands still do back burning today, they would set fire to areas that they want to burn during the mild periods of the year such as late winter or early spring so there be less dead vegetation to feed a bush fire and less chance for a one of even occur.

During the mild periods of the year the environment is still a bit damp so a controlled back burn fire isn’t too intense and hot, thus easier to control and extinguish.

In larger properties bulldozers would be used to clear an area around the region that is going to be back burnt. This helps ensure that the fire doesn’t spread to outside of the area being back burnt.

Sometimes when the heat is very intense a fire twister appears, made from rising intense heat and turbulent wind conditions that contracts into a vortex something like a tornado that sucks up burning debris, embers and combustible gases, which can transport them to areas that is not on fire. Again if a back burn has been performed and due to needing a certain temperature and intensity it much rarer for one to appear when there a bush fire.

So if governments and city councils do back burns in the right time there would be no large, out of control bush fires. But the globalist controlled media wants to promote globing warning so the banks an corporations can bring in a carbon tax and claim the developed west is causing global warming and the bush fires But global warming and bush fires are a natural occurrences that been occurring from the dawn of Earth.

The carbon tax is a way for banks and corporations to make money to create the New World Order on the expense of we the people and to control the development and way of life of we the people.

 Comment from Australia. "Do you guys in the US backburn in the late winter and spring months like they do in Australia?"

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 Screenshot 7 firer

The California Wild Fires and Agenda 21

There weren't any laser attacks starting or facilitating the California wildfires. To suggest there was is nonsense. They were caused and facilitated by the typical causes-carelessly placed campfires, carelessly tossed cigarette butts, lightning, and traffic crashes resulting in downed powerlines, ruptured gas lines, etc. No military weapons used..Cars burned and grass near them not burned? Wind can carry burning embers a distance from fires, and if a burning ember gets blown under the hood of a burning car that has a leaky fuel line or carburetor, then the car is on fire. And if cars are stopped together on a road as the image suggests, then flames are fanned by the wind from car to car. Simple as that. And about the images of melted alumninum alloy from the burned cars, there are only two possibilities; the images could be CGI images by a fake news outlet like CNN or the like, or they are real. If they are real, then the akuminum alloy was melted by a super-hot burning part component used in those cars which burns super-hot similar to thermite. No lasers needed. And about the houses burned where trees between them weren't burned, the houses especially their roofs were more flammable than those trees at the location and time of the fire. And the wind simply fanned the flames from house to house. Simple as that. Basic nature and basic physics. The creator of this video needs to do more homework before making such nonsensical assertions. Or he is simply propagating fake news

The Real Cause Behind Hurricane Irma

"2017 Hurricanes Aren't Because of Climate Change"

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Climate Change, Not Global Warming (Ice Ages Explained)

Screenshot 7ice age etc

Screenshot 7warming

Pinned by Raven Alb J.

Raven, I had a thought while viewing your video. If a meteor hit Earth from a steep horizontal direction wouldn’t it affect the speed at which the earth spins? Possibly speeding up or slowing down that rate depending on the direction of its impact. Thus making the days longer or shorter while also changing the axis inclination like you stated. How do you think this would affect the weather and ocean currents? My second thought comes from observing spinning objects and may be completely wrong. I have observed that by quickly spinning any semi round abject that it quickly finds its natural center axis on which to spin. Do you think the Earth over the course of millions of years will naturally gravitate to a 0 degree axis inclination making ice age our standard position if not changed my major Earth collisions? I have not read your book so forgive me if these points were already covered there.

this concept was studied by milankovitch... there is a slight wobble that changes the earths inclination by just a couple of degrees, and this is enough to cause glaciation periods.... there are 3 main cycles affecting the inclination.... combined, they produce a period of glaciation that lasts approx. 90,000 yrs followed by 10,000yrs of interglacial warming, and then it goes back to glaciation and continues to cycle.... we are now at the end of a 10,000yr warming period dubbed the, instead of there being 'global warming' as the ipcc would have us believe, we actually have to worry about global cooling...a cooling that will last 90,000yrs....

This used to be taught in school. However the liberals have slowly force these types of materials from our educational system. Throughout the history of earth the weather cycles ~ every 10,000 years or so. Long time before man created the combustion engine and other CO2 producing technologies the earth cool and heated up through these weather cycles.

Their religion allows people to leave and set up colonies. There is a certain democracy in it which is missing in other fundamentality groups so that is better.

Taken from Cairnsnews Australia

 "Steve Goreham is a speaker, an author, a researcher on environmental issues, and an independent columnist. He’s the Executive Director of the Climate Science Coalition of America, a non-political association dedicated to informing about the realities of climate science and energy economics. Steve gave this presentation at the Friends of Science 'Climate Dogma Exposed' event in Calgary on May 9th 2017. He says "contrary to what your political leader, professor, and newspaper tell you, global warming is dominated by natural factors. As a result, thousands of climate and energy laws across hundreds of nations, all summed together, are not going to have a measureable effect on Earth’s temperatures."

Climate Science and the Myths of Renewable Energy - FOS Steve Goreham

Finally, people who know what is going on. The sun, in fact, does drive our climate and always has. CO2 is nothing. Our climate has changed drastically from the moment earth was formed. We are entering our 6th ice age and the earth is cooling. I had an argument with someone the other day talking about our coral reef are dying due to the water warming and coral bleaching. I told him large studies have been done and it's humans who are killing the coral and ocean life. It's estimated that all of the coral is covered with plastics and those plastics range in size with average at 5cm. Shocking? Also, the pollution and bad fishing practices and the coral farming add to it as well. Coral is a living organism and can't breathe let along grow when suffocated by plastics and garbage. The straights of WA state glow with algae polyps and the state won't clean it up because it's due to the residents living on the straights habits...the pollution is awful. All this climate change nonsense when we should be cleaning up our planet. Please take heed of what is being taught here because it is the truth. Dr. John Casey a former NASA climatologist wrote a book and does have a Youtube video out on this called "The Dark Winter 640." He's been ringing the bell on climate change hoax for decades.The world has gone mad with the UN global pact controlling people with the fear of climate change. The money that is made with this hoax is astounding. It keeps developing nations from developing and gives control to a few.

 Al Gore was heavily invested in green companies and that's shy he started this crap. I'm sure all these other so called scientists are as well.

There are 3 good things about these communities, they're good-natured people. They don't force their belief and ways upon other peoples and cultures, i.e., they don't produce terrorists in the name of their God. And crime rate in these communities must be 0%.

These people sound less like Mennonites and more like Ahmish. Mennonites are "of the world," not shunning electricity.

they seem to have a lot more freedoms than the amish like how the couple were saying that everyone wants to have electricity and even trucks but the elders/church won't allow it.  i believe in the amish, you're not allowed to voice your thoughts or disagreements with elders/the church despite having to follow the rules

"Dr. Patrick Moore takes issue with NGOs over climate, genetically modified organisms and the "truth" about carbon. He says we were literally running out of carbon before we started to pump it back into the atmosphere. “CO2 has been declining to where it is getting close to the end of plant life, and in another 1.8 million years, life would begin to die on planet Earth for lack of CO2.” According to Moore, it is life itself that has been consuming carbon and storing it in carbonaceous rocks. He goes on to say, “Billions of tons of carbonaceous rock represent carbon dioxide pulled out of the atmosphere, and because the Earth has cooled over the millennia, nature is no longer putting CO2 into the atmosphere to offset this.”

A Dearth of Carbon (w/ Dr. Patrick Moore, environmentalist)

 "Applauded by many governments around the world as one of the cleanest initiatives for the generation of energy, the wind industry is also one of the most expensive and heavily subsidized, compared with other power generation alternatives. Ryan M. Yonk, Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, presents interesting and little-known facts, which demystify wind power's efficiency, cost, and benefits for the environment."

The True Cost of Wind | Ryan M. Yonk

Nobody disputes that the climate is warming. The contention revolves around whether humans are the cause or not. When you read the Wikipedia article that YouTube added below this video it claims that it is "Virtually Certain" that humans are the cause of global warming. When you read the whole article 99.9% of it is simply citing proof that the earth is warming. Everybody knows that. Where is the scientific evidence showing that humans are the cause? I certainly didn't find it in the Wikipedia article nor any of the sources Wikipedia cites...
  I love this interview. Something that finally fell into place for me while watching this is yet another example of just how thoroughly the left has brainwashed people just by essentially changing the definition of a word, or generally obfuscating the actual meaning of a word. Think about the term "greenhouse gas" for a moment. What they want us to believe, and have so many people already believing, is that excessive CO2 (a greenhouse gas) is going to turn the Earth into a hot, dry, barren wasteland devoid of life. But the reality is that CO2 is called a greenhouse gas for a reason. The effect that CO2 has on the Earth's atmosphere is exactly what happens in an actual greenhouse. Yes the Earth becomes somewhat warmer, but it doesn't become dry and life doesn't die off. It becomes wetter and life thrives. CO2 is to plants as oxygen is to animals. And the more plant life there is, the more oxygen they excrete as waste, which then supports more animal life. This is some of the most basic science we learn as kids.
 In Search of Meaningful Work, part of the series "Inspiring West Virginians," profiles a couple who run a world-renowned research and medical clinic that treats genetic disorders in Old Order Amish and Mennonite children.
Very deeply appreciate this man and his work! Starting at 4:50 Dr Morton explains something these people need to really get ahold of. Inter- marriage produces a high rate of these diseases. There are many 2nd & 3rd cousin marriages, even 1st cousin in some cases. Jesus teachings of going into all the world baptizing and making disciples is ignored in these cultures, leading to these situations. I would love to relate to them to see what can be done about this. Growing up in this culture I understand it much too well, sad to say it has all the markings of a cult... people are afraid to reach outside of the culture and if they leave they're punished for it.

  DEBUNKED: Top 5 "Climate Change" Myths

 In a very special #LwC, for one full hour, we sat down with Dr. Patrick Moore, PHD in Ecology and founder of Greenpeace, and dissected the scam that is modern "climate change".

ACTUAL SCIENTIST: "Climate Change is a Scam!"

 To stop bush fires farmers use firer breaks to stop wild  fires

Alex Jones talks about the U.N. promotes bush firers

  FULL SHOW: Congressman Swalwell Commits Political Suicide And Democrats Caught Setting Fires In California

 "Congressman Swalwell Commits Political Suicide And Democrats Caught Setting Fires In California"

The Real Cause Behind Hurricane Irma

"2017 Hurricanes Aren't Because of Climate Change"

 Regulate cow farts. COWS are bad but Polar bears don't cause global warming at all. It is all those SUVs on the SUN.


FAUN "Tanz mit mir" (Duett mit Santiano) [Teaser | HD]

  Faun - Walpurgisnacht (Director's Cut)

Oonagh - Gäa [Offizielles Musikvideo]

Tersky Cossack Choir - Oysya, you oysya (russian cossack folk song)

FAUN - Sonnenreigen (Lughnasad) [Snippet]


Heilung | LIFA - Krigsgaldr LIVE

Heilung - Krigsgaldr (Live) Opinion

Paradise Papers: Global Elite’s Offshore Tax Havens Exposed In Financial Leak

DEBUNKED: Top 5 "Climate Change" Myths

 In a very special #LwC, for one full hour, we sat down with Dr. Patrick Moore, PHD in Ecology and founder of Greenpeace, and dissected the scam that is modern "climate change".

ACTUAL SCIENTIST: "Climate Change is a Scam!"

 To stop bush fires farmers use firer breaks to stop wild  fires

Alex Jones talks about the U.N. promotes bush firers

  FULL SHOW: Congressman Swalwell Commits Political Suicide And Democrats Caught Setting Fires In California

 "Congressman Swalwell Commits Political Suicide And Democrats Caught Setting Fires In California"

The Real Cause Behind Hurricane Irma

"2017 Hurricanes Aren't Because of Climate Change"

 Regulate cow farts. COWS are bad but Polar bears don't cause global warming at all. It is all those SUVs on the SUN.

Paradise Papers: Global Elite’s Offshore Tax Havens Exposed In Financial Leak




Snowing Again in Sahara Desert & Magnetosphere Decline Causing Jet Streams to Dance (505)

John Pilger - Palestine Is Still the Issue [2002]

John Pilger

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