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Jesus Was White

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  What Did Jesus REALLY Look Like? Ethnicity, Hair, Skin, Eyes, Body Type.

 We have all seen images of Jesus and have an over all idea of what he looks like. But do we really? What does the earliest iconography show? How has his image changed over the centuries? And most importantly why? Is there a way to go back to the early original historical truth?

Gabriel Salomão

Just a correction: Dominus Saint Constantinus I, The Great, actually legalized liberty of cult for Christianity in the Edict of Mediolanum in A.D. 313, Christianity was officially stablished as the State Religion of the Roman Empire in the Edict of Thessalonica in A.D. 380, by Dominus Theodosius.
 John Whitesell
Catholic icons have a tendency to depict Jesus, Mary, and other Biblical characters as being of the same ethnicity of the congregation. This is why Ethiopian churches have Ethiopian Jesus, Syro-Malabar churches have Indian Jesus, Chinese churches have Chinese Jesus, etc. As for what I personally think the real Jesus looked like, I default to an Icon of Mary and Baby Jesus attributed to Saint Luke the Evangelist himself.


On how Jesus' hair looked like: you did say in the video as well about how Judas had to go and kiss Jesus to tell the Romans who they needed to arrest because he didn't look much different from the other disciples, so likely at that time Jesus had the same hair and beard style as his disciples. Because as you pointed out about other characteristics, Judas could've said "the one with the very long hair/short hair is Jesus" or "the one with/without beard is him".


Much silliness and source of a good laugh have been brought to the world when people speaking Aramaic wrote stuff in Hebrew, (both Semitic languages) and then that got translated to Greek, a Hindu-European language, and from there to Latin and then Germanic languages. So much is lost in translation... BTW burning humans that walk through flame or humans and humanoids that are made of flame is not "new" in the "old" testament.


Lee C

I’m Jewish so I’m not familiar w/Book of Revelations. However, we did give the world the phrase, “I am black and beautiful” (Song of Songs, Hebrew Bible). The female lover who said this was presumably not an African but a dark-skinned Jew. She also mentioned she was sunburned from toiling in the fields. So, “black” does not necessarily mean African.


Christianity's Last Stand in Europe - ROBERT SEPEHR

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