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Human remains found In Siberia Russia

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A Strong Wind In Siberia Unearthed Something Beyond Archaeologists Wildest Imagination

 ► Our Web Site : The Siberian coast is a hotspot for ancient archeological finds, but never before have archeologist found artifacts so far north. The icy terrane is constantly hit with strong, freezing winds, making the territory some of the most treacherous on earth. As local scientists were examining the area to determine the level of permafrost loss, they stumbled across much more than they bargained for. -----------------------------------------------------

Wendy S

They are fair-haired, or red-haired. And they look like they were beautiful.
Balder II
Made it,... What I am curious about is wether the children and warlord were Asian or European. The mummies were clearly European, I guess they might have been some of the Swedish Vikings that came to Russia.

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Copper would give the body anti microbial properties to stop decay. I see a number of bodies, if not all were red haired people,,, I would like to know if they had RH positive blood types? Could these peoples be Tartans? I would like to find if there has been done testing , DNA and or isotopic to try to find diet/ location of origin. I saw some interesting things on the silver medallion that I thought to be strange for the Arctic Region plus the bones of those animals are very interesting. Everything points to late to post iron age,, I wish it would have been earlier , lots earlier.


Lamees Ahmad

Thank you that is very interesting I especially liked seeing the armour which was embellished in a unique way. Were the feathers made from metal? I would like to see more of the Russian archaeology it is very interesting and helps to complete the picture of ancient civilisations in the world. I have never seen evidence of people being buried with a cover of copper before. Maybe I am wrong but this also seems very unique. Your video has made me excited and curious about what these finds tell us about the people and civilizations in your area. Please upload more documentaries and if possible the analysis of what is found with maps and descriptions of the lives and customs of the people indigenous to the area. Educate us on the ancient history of your people. This will put these finds in context and connect the missing links enabelling many to understand and appreciate your people.
Gary Seven
There is so much that we don't know about our Human History. Persian artefacts being discovered and seemingly without much fanfare in far North Western Siberia. So we are taught of a time where Cavemen and Women are chucking spears at Mammoths. But in fact they're sat around living it up, within highly organized societies drinking out of silver goblets and decked out in fine cloth, jewels and rare metals. On the business end of an advanced trade route of some kind. Amazing video of a hidden past.?

 Fransje Bik

Beautiful video. Copper protects against decay of bodies. All over the world thera are some mummies found with copper over faces or totally covered with copper. Thanks for sharing.

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