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Secrets of the Dead Viking Warrior Queen

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Female Viking warrior was a woman buried with the accoutrements.

Secrets of the Dead Viking Warrior Queen

The Birka female Viking warrior was a woman buried with the accoutrements of an elite professional Viking warrior in a 10th century chamber-grave in Birka, Sweden. Thought to be a male warrior since the grave's excavation in 1889, the remains have been proved to be female by both osteological analysis and a DNA study in 2017.


Recently the archeologist team up with forensic pathologist and dig out 900 Viking burials and did DNA test surprise, surprise the DNA came back that all of them where from Southeastern Europeans and Central Asia. Knocking down their idealist of a blond blue eyed Nordic European. Now that makes sense of why their Norse Mythology is so similar. To Greco-Roman, Vedic Mythology. Indra=Zeus=Mars=Thor. God of Thunder and War

 Steve Conway

If the top 10% of Olympic women athletes are only as good as the male competitors that don't qualify for the Olympics then it doesn't seem impossible that a top woman could be good enough to be a warrior - if it was acceptable in her culture and she was motivated to be one. Not all warriors are of the same skill level and lets face it the top female martial artists could easily defeat most of the people commenting negatively about female warriors here, they don't have to defeat the top male warriors to be included in an army they just have to be - like the majority of an army - motivated enough to be there. There are also plenty of examples of women pretending to be men and serving in combat units during the Napoleonic wars.


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