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Cultural History for Kids

runicalphabetThis section is a fun section just for kids!  It's designed to help kids learn about their history in an enjoyable manner.  What you teach children in those early learning years, stays with them for life. 

Kids, Hieroglyphics and Runic/Viking Alphabet

Hieroglyphics is an ancient Egyptian form of writing but we thought we would add this in as an extra to get children interested in Runic writing (alphabet pictured right) and comparing this to the Ancient Egyptian writing.  The Egyptians did not use vowels and did not use any punctuation.

The table on this page shows Runic writing and was used by our European ancestors including the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish people and their counterparts in Iceland and Greenland and the Sami of Lapland (Northwest Russia and Northern Sweden, Norway and Finland).  By 300 AD, the Runic alphabet was the only alphabet used in Scandinavia.

Children learning Runic will learn it is also referred to as the Viking alphabet.  Today, children can easily learn to write Runes on paper by copying from this Runic chart.  There are websites children can learn Runic in a fun way, which have been specially designed for children, not to mention adults who are sure to have as much fun.  Check out the following links:

The Vikings Runes

Egyptian Writing - Fun Facts for Kids  The ancient Egyptians thought it was important to write down information about religion and important events so they invented scripts (pictures), by ways of writing. 

Scholastic Hieroglyphic Games for Kids  This is a lot of fun and the kids will love it!

Useful Videos & Links

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