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White History, Wars, Dances and Film Archives 7/11/2022

The Coverers League collects information about history, on Globalism and relationships etc, so people can obtain the information quickly.  The main articles usually remain and over time they are changed by adding more information to them. 

control the pastHenry Kissinger is Jewish Kissinger Quote About Perceived Truth

The Globalist has declared war against Europeans (whites) and says Europeans have no history and no culture. The Coveners League aims are to show Europeans have vast history and distinctive music and songs.

Below we have some songs, movies and films to show European history and culture.

Discussing the shift from BBC's origins as positive representation of British culture to its avowed anti-white agenda. The BBC is state sponsored and promoting Marxist conditioning upon the public whom it requires to pay for their own indoctrination...

British News: State Sponsored Anti-White Propaganda


Screenshot 1no whites

Danny Cohen resigns as BBC's director of television - is Jewish ...

Sir David Clementi BBC Chairman | Jewish Power


War Films a Tribute to our Armed Forces and to the Fallen Heroes.

Screenshot 2war filmsssScreenshot 2dead ppp

War Films

Trump Vows To Bring Troops Home In Epic, Emot…

    You Will Cry After Watching What Trump Said.     Watch The...

Screenshot 1nice w k

Women Killed in the Armed Forces.

Women Killed in the Armed Forces.

 The White European population worldwide native homeland is Europe

Screenshot 7 german castleScreenshot 7 russian anthern

 The White European Homeland is Europe

 European Movies

Many people in the world, including Europeans, are not conscious of the fact that Europeans composed western music and developed the film industry. 

 Screenshot 1wagon sScreenshot 2turn of the tide

European Movies

Дима Билан "Герой" 2016

Outstanding Speeches & People

Screenshot 1r ponScreenshot 7 Enoch PowellScreenshot 7viktor Orban

 Outstanding Speeches & People

White History

Screenshot 1w b tri

White History






Screenshot 3islam of a





Screenshot 1tucker carlson

Tucker Carlson calls out Dr. Fauci and other officials for misleading the public on school closures.

Tucker: Experts finally admit they were wrong from the beginning


We need 60M parents to sue Nancy Pelosi for child endangerment or even human rights violations for willfully and purposely misrepresenting data as a political calculation.
Goldfish I
Teachers Union: government pays their salaries that pay the union that fund the campaign. How could such a system not become corrupt??
Steel Monkey
Trump said it a week ago, “they are not after me, they are after you!”
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