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80% of People Will Do Whatever They Are Told

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 They Want Obedient Workers. People That Are Just Smart Enough to Run the Machines" - George Carlin

 ducation | Why Is Our Educational System Intentionally Broken? "They Don't a Population of Citizens Capable of Critical Thinking. They Want Obedient Workers. People That Are Just Smart Enough to Run the Machines"
- George Carlin


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Major Psychological Study Confirms 80% of People Will Do Whatever They Are Told

 Alex Jones breaks down how the milgram experiment shows how the majority of people do not have the ability to stand up to an authority regardless of the consequences.


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Well ^90% of people made their choice and tried to bring us down with them, it's easy to become angry at them but we still have time to wake them up and make Humanity realise what's going on. I refuse to give up until the end, I had my moment and I'm a Soldier of God now. I will not stop until we win this war, I'm blessed with the full armour of God, I was directed down the path of deceit for a long time but I finally found the truth...


Biden: Jewish leaders helped gay marriage succeed - The ... › ...
22.05.2013 — Jewish leaders in the media are in large part responsible for American acceptance of homosexuality, Vice President Biden said Tuesday night.
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"My anger cannot be measured. I hate with every fiber of my body these arrogant, self-loathing shitbags running shit in White countries. Look at that degenerate piece of filth next to him smiling at this genocidal talk.

 The very definition of TREASON.

A betrayal of what the founding fathers had in mind for this country.

That man is talking about genocide of an entire race. White people are going to have to get violent or they will not survive. I tell you this as a non white. I do not beleive you understand or could comprehend the hatred around the world for your race. This hatred is taught to non whites in all third world countries. The strange thing is it came from your own people.

Biden was a strong supporter of the Yugoslav war where America helped Islamic Albanians take over Christian Serbian lands like Kosovo. No one should be surprised that he would do the same to Americans.

Think of all those Americans that died for nothing in world war two

Holy shit this is straight racism coming from the vice president! People call Trump racist for wanting to enforce existing immigration laws (never saying anything actually racist) but this shitbag gets away with this rhetoric. It is ok to be indifferent to racial demographic changes but to celebrate declining white population and proclaim fewer whites as a source of strength is absolute racism.

Biden makes it clear - Amerika is no friend of Whites or Christianity. It is amazing that Biden could be the biggest factor in the downfall of the Western nations USA/EU . It.s not enemies like Stalin, Hitler, Mao etc. you have to worry about, it's your own kind and people who claim to be your friend that do the worst damage. A smile and a reassuring voice are much dangerous than most weapons. Looks like Genghis Khan might have to take a back seat to Biden in the amount of damage attributable to an individual. The Serbs were trying to stop the Muslim invasion, but Biden relentlessly called for the Serbs destruction. Now Sweden is gone, the rest of the EU will soon follow."

"He should be shot for this."

 God Bless White Europeans For Ending Slavery

 The globalist racist mainstream media, education system, and Hollywood only focus on whites owning slaves, even though all races owned slaves, but whites were the first to end the practice.

From the dawn of history the different races all over the world have practice slavery.  When tribes raided other tribes they commonly took men as slave workers and women for sex slaves and wives.

"I'm an Aussie. I used to live in Lakemba 18 years ago, and it was horrifying back then. A car was burned ON MY STREET every second night or so. There were islamic bill posters on every power pole saying how Australian girls were worthless pigs and that they should be raped as they are just infidel dogs. Groups(15 or so) middle eastern men would gather in a park with cases of beer and drink all day every day. In Australia it is ABSOLUTELY LEGAL to film in any PUBLIC space. So yes that cop was literally making up bullshit. But that's what cops and the government do here in Australia. For example, a bit off topic, it's illegal to use coercion or force medical intervention on a person. This is both written into Australian law and the UN Convention on Human rights, to which Australia is not only a signatory but actually helped draft. Yet we now have a government policy known as "no jab no pay". This means that low income Families that refuse to have their children vaccinated will lose a large chunk of their welfare payment, plunging them well below the established poverty line. So now you have a government that breaches its own laws and international law by undermining the required informed consent for medical intervention, by using coercion, but again breaches its UN obligations by effectively removing the social welfare net written into the UN charter for Human rights to stop extreme poverty. My theory on all the mass immigration is that apart from manipulating real estate inflation, they want to cull the numbers in society, so they introduce all this racial tension which eventually causes civil war. I believe there are new anti freedom of speech laws coming into Australia right now that can see Australian citizens jailed for embarrassing Australia in the international community, even if what was reported was correct and accurate. Thank you both Lauren and Stephan for all the work you do. And thank you for reporting on our developing plight when no locals will do so. I love you guys! Take care!!!"

"It simply astonishes me how the public in most western democracies just cannot see the organised islamification and subversion of their countries, and why the evil cult of Islam is being protected over any of our Christian traditions. This is a globalist plot to use millions of young, military aged men as foot soldiers to act as an Islamic Trojan horse, ready to be activated against the indigenous citizens when they have sufficient numbers. That police officer who threatened Lauren needs to be dropped in downtown Damascus as a reality check of what Australia's future will look like unless Aussies wake up and throw the apologists for Islam out of office. This is cultural, suicidal madness when sharia no-go zones are being allowed to exist in Sydney and other Australian cities. Wake up all you real Aussies, you're leaders are dragging you back to the seventh century!"

In this article it's mainly about Arab and Black Slavery

The following article about white guilt and slavery

White Guilt Exposed

 White Privilege

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Image Credte the following video

The Untold Story of Arab Slave Trade Of Africans (1962) - Actual footage of Slavery on the Arabian peninsula from the 60s

The Untold Story of Arab Slave Trade Of Africans

"There definitely were European (and Irish) slaves seized by North Africans during raids, how many is up for debate. However its not debated that this occurred, only the extent. Suffice it to say that the practice became so egregious that the US had to form the Marine Corps specifically to end the threat of the Barbary pirates to shipping in the mediterranean and across the atlantic."

Mauritania: Modern slavery

"Slavery persists in Mauritania. In 1905, the French colonial administration declared an end of slavery in Mauritania, with very little success. Although nominally abolished in 1981, it was not illegal to own slaves until 2007. According to the US State Department 2010 Human Rights Report, abuses in Mauritania include: .Arabs in Libya still kidnap women and force them into the sex trade. Many sheiks in middle eastern nations have harems filled with women purchased from such places. Not just women, children too."

  Slavery in Mauritania

There are more slaves now than ever before. Not in percent but in numbers.

The system requires all unskilled laborers to have an in-country sponsor, usually their employer, who is responsible for their visa and legal status.

They "sponsor" extremely poor people to come work in their home, or wherever the sponsor has absolute control. Then they revoke or destroy the workers passport, and boom, the worker no long has any rights. They can't escape without a passport. But they aren't physically allowed leave the compound/factory anyway. It's the same as Rome's gladiators that win their freedom. They receive a rudis which proves their freedom to others. Without the rudis, they are presumably still a slave and treated as such.

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I do not believe it is happening like this anymore, at least not out in the open. If it is they have done a good job at hiding it. However i'm sure slavery is still happening there on some extent, because even in America we still deal with Sex slavery and i'm sure there are more than few innocent people who are being held against their will in just about every country right now

 ivaLungz9 points · 1 year ago · 

Ok so you are talking about the workers who travel to places like Dubai or Qatar to work and are promised a certain amount to do a job but when they arrive they have their visa confiscated and end up stuck there basically working just to get by each day.

*After looking up the definition of Indentured servants, this would in fact fall under slavery; If i am actually remembering this correctly. I will look for the link

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Indentured servitude is basically like willing slavery. You enter a contract to work X amount of time until your debt is payed.

If these governments are revoking visas with the intention of keeping the workers there against their will as well as altering the agreed upon contract, then it becomes straight-up slavery.

Different type of slavery. Back then still mostly Africans, today it's Asians from Nepal and elsewhere.

 addyCatALSO7 points · 1 year ago

Specifically Western whites; Russia's abolition of serfdom came after decades of Western criticism

onep0ny-3 points · 1 year ago · edited 1 year ago

There are more slaves in the world today than at any other point in human history. The difference is that the slaves in this film, today, would be given ID cards and a contract and a "wage". They have no rights, they're raped and murdered with impunity, and their sallary/contract is designed to keep them as de facto property.

$200 buys you a slave in Libya today. Thanks to the compassionate efforts of Obama/Hillary dropping 3 bombs an hour, every hour of every day for 8 consecutive years to support the Islamic Spring.

Have to wonder what those slaves think of the Nobel Peace Prize. (Caution, video is disturbing and infuriating. Heartless slave owner watches her slave fall from a window)

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[That's a completely different video.] ( This is the first time this doc has been posted.

Sad how America centric the discussion is that people don’t even know about how horrible conditions were in for example, Russia which brought about the Russian revolution.

“The official estimate is that 10.5 million Russians were privately owned, 9.5 million were in state ownership and another 900,000 serfs were under the Tsar's patronage (udelnye krestiane) before the Great Emancipation of 1861.”

Which was an insane 28% of the population. Far higher as a percentage than in the US which at its peak was <13% AND is 5x higher in number of people.

Especially, ironic since the very people that only talk about white people enslaving the world are usually on the left. Yet don’t know much about the origin of their ideology.


It s too long. Does it mention that they used whites as slaves too? In the most recent years, it was easier for them to bring slaves from europe. And They also made them pay protection money. Some cities in Africa are built with that money.

yosef gentiles exist to serve jews











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