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Are Coronavirus Vaccination Passports Lawful?

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A legal explainer the introduction of Covid-19 vaccination passports within the UK

Are coronavirus vaccination passports lawful?

 A legal explainer video reviewing the issues surrounding the introduction of Covid-19 vaccination passports within the UK. 0:00 - Intro 1:32 - Defining Coronavirus passports 2:29 - For and against passports 6:36 - Discrimination issues 14:52 - Human rights objections 17:10 - Data protection issues 18:39 - Freedom of movement and association 19:54 - Conclusion


Val Ansley

I do not want to be TAGGED like a farm animal
Saint Charbel Miracleworker
This is what the Nazis did. Everything the Nazis did was "legal in Germany" they argued it was for "your interests" or in "the country's interest" or "their citizens interests". Only people who had the "right papers" were allowed certain privileges and freedom of movement. The Covid vaccine doesn't work though, you can still get it and you can still spread it after getting vaccinat
 Daveena Hamilton
What if people do not want to take vaccines based on religious, philosophical or ethical beliefs. Wouldn't this discriminate against people's religious and belief systems? Vaccine passports are abhorrent and should NEVER come into practice. No one should ever be forced or coerced into taking any medical treatment, period. Individuals should always have the option to choose and should never be discriminated against because of their choice - my body, my choice should always be the maxim.
 Phil Whitelaw
Next step is the mandatory carrying of an identity card with all your bio details on it which will be trackable via the mobile phone network. In other words the establishment of a surveillance state.
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