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Samantha Edwards Reports #9 - Christchurch Mosque Attacks - The Cover Up Continues


Samantha Edwards Reports #9 - Christchurch Mosque Attacks - The Cover Up Continues

March 15th, 2019, was a shocking and tragic day - one that many New Zealanders remember as our "darkest day". The official record shows that Australian citizen Brenton Tarrant killed 51 people and wounded 40 others when he carried out mass shootings at two Christchurch mosques – the Masjid an-Nur on Deans Ave and the Linwood Islamic Centre ..

Since then day, the complete prohibition of viewing and analysing the shooter’s manifesto and live stream video of that day have seen several people facing grave criminal charges, and even imprisonment. The laws they are using to cover this up are censorship laws primarily designed to prevent child pornography.

Today, I speak with the producer of a film that tells the story of one such Kiwi man, Nathan Symington, who has recently been sentenced to extensive time in prison, for sharing links to two websites that investigate the event.

Counterspin Media’s Kelvyn and Hannah, as well as another member of the Counterspin team, are also currently being threatened with 14 years imprisonment, as well as up to $600,000 in fines, for similar actions. Even possessing a copy or a web link (url) to online copies can result in 10 years imprisonment.

There are many overseas websites that have analysed the shooter’s writing and videos and included these in analytical and investigative documentaries. While legal to do so in their countries, New Zealanders are subject to extremely harsh penalties, even getting harsher sentences that rapists and people actually possessing child pornography.

Why is our government responding in such an extreme manner?

Why have they completely forbidden the sharing of any information about that day?

Why are they using such outrageous measures of intimidation to silence all informed discussion?

And why are those who share something as humble as a web link being sentenced to lengthier prison sentences than many violent criminals?

Does the New Zealand government have something to hide?

If it looks like a cover up, smells like a cover up, well, we’ll let you decide.


Adam Nuttall’s film “Who’s Platform Is It?” on the plight of Nathan Symington and the story of Omar Nabi's journey to get accountability from the New Zealand police for their part in arming the terrorist that killed Omar's father and 50 members of his community

“Who’s Platform Is It? :

Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993:


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Episode 81: A Chip off the Old Block - Meet New Zealand's New Prime Minister

 The incoming New Zealand Prime Minister Chris 'Chippy' Hipkins may be a new face to many, but will he be any different, or is it simply a matter of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?

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New Zealand farmers protest emissions tax .

 New Zealand’s Agriculture Industry protests a proposed emissions tax by the Ardern Government as it aims for carbon neutrality.



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Special Report: GAME ON! Convoy 2022 NZ

The Canadian truckers have inspired others around the world to be to the same - convoy to their nations' center of power and sit in.

The NZ convoy is underway. We speak with the organisers and get the low down on what's happening.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko said anyone that willfully vilified and obstructed access to hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 is guilty of first degree capital murder, genocide, and crimes against humanity. They are trying to jab as many people as possible so that their great reset aka depopulation plan work. I believe in God & Jesus. If I get sick I will take my Ivermectin that I stashed just in case and leave rest to God. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit ivmcures/com (Looks like I can't post links, replace / with .)


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“There Will Not Be An End Point To This Vaccination Program”

New Zealand Prime Minister Admits “There Will Not Be An End Point To This Vaccination Program”

New Zealand Prime Minister Admits “There Will Not Be An End Point To This Vaccination Program”

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New Zealand will become to countries.

Bolt: Arderns woke politics leading New Zealand towards a form of apartheid

 Sky News host Andrew Bolt says he is concerned New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s “woke politics” are leading the country towards “a form of apartheid”.

“The Māori population of New Zealand is about 16 per cent and that includes people who also have European ancestry, some of them,” he said.

“But Ardern's cabinet commissioned a report which sets out a 20-year plan to have New Zealand eventually ruled 50-50 on race grounds, Māori and non-Māori.

“And Ardern has already now created a new Māori health authority, that’s the first step to a divided health system, divided by race. One system for one, another system for everyone else.”

Mr Bolt discussed the issue with NZ Centre for Political Research Director Dr Muriel Newman.

“It is extremely frightening because most Kiwis have no idea what’s going on,” she said.


Communists fund Jacinda Ardern's Labour Party: What the United States Congress was told



Maori have been in NZ for a few hundred years - UN recognises them as indigenous! Europeans have been in Europe for over 40 thousand years - UN does not recognise them as indigenous!


Remember that Tony Blair said last year: “We have embedded our people in governments across this world”. Now you see the results today.


Diane Tonacia
The military in Australia and New Zealand need to take the governments out , we are all living under a dictatorship


Irian Scott
Radicalised Maori have a very skewed view of New Zealand history. Aotearoa as a name was never used by Maori to refer to the entire New Zealand archipelago. They only used this name on some occasion in reference to the North Island.


It would be great if Sky News could create a dedicated show focused on NZ issues. We have virtually no honest media here.


Michael Daniels
Does the United Nations declaration of indigenous people include Anglo Saxon people in the UK and Ireland?
She is on the board of the World Economic Forum. Truly evil.


Jewish Women in New Zealand


Everyday activities won't be available to the unvaccinated ...

A new Covid-19 response framework is being finalised and will be released on Friday, providing people with greater clarity, Jacinda Ardern said. "It will become very clear to people that if you are not vaccinated there will be things that you miss out on, everyday things that you will miss out on," Ardern told Morning Report. "It's about both rewarding people who have gone out and done the ...






Killing Fields in Cambodia

The anti-Semitic Zionists who control the media always talk about the gassing of the 6 million Jews. Not ever or rarely have films been shown of the left-wing Marxists Pol Pot and his followers killing innocent people in Cambodia because they were educated, or because somebody did not like a certain person. During the killing by Pol Pot in Cambodia, the anti-Semitic Zionist controlled TV and Newspapers were silent in Australia, United States, Britain and other Western countries.

The following video goes into the beginning Khmer Fouge founding and to the start of the killing.

Khmers rouges 1975 and 1979

January 1, 2012 - uploaded by anak671716

What we see in Cambodia they may see in United States, Australia, Britain and European market countries in the future. The Pol Pot regime in Cambodia abolished private property, killed the educated. So you Gentile Europeans, this could be your future very soon

khmer rouge 1975 1979 Nak Nak A Uploaded on Jan 1, 2012

Memory of the killing fields 1975-1979. I still remember all of horrible Khmer rouges prisons in Cambodia... (Long life and good luck for Khmer people).

Source of information taken from the above video webpage

Pol Pot killed his own people and his elite that ran his Marxists organization - originally 22 people and he had 18 of them assassinated. Just goes to show you cannot trust communists because they will kill fellow comumists if it suits them.


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