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Freemasonry is a Jewish Institution

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  Freemasonry, Child Sacrifice, & Ritual Sexual Abuse of Children

 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.


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Albert Pike wrote letters about the three world wars and the masonic( Luciferian) agenda



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Early life and education

Albert Pike was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on December 29, 1809, the son of Benjamin and Sarah (Andrews) Pike, and spent his childhood in Byfield and Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Some people say Albert Pike was Jewish.


  Albert Pike letter, 1880 May 24 Albert Pike letter, 1880 May 24



Date Original

1880 May 24



This collection contains two photocopies of a letter from Albert Pike to Thomas Ashley - contains material relating to the 1880 presidential race.


Biographical/Historical Note

Albert Pike (1809 –1891) was a lawyer, author, poet, orator, newspaper reporter and editor, Confederate commander, jurist and prominent member of the Freemasons. Born in Boston, Albert Pike moved to Arkansas in the 1830s, settling first in Fort Smith; then he moved to Little Rock. He worked as a newspaper reporter and editor and became involved in Arkansas politics. Pike served as a Captain in the Mexican War. He served as a senior officer of the Confederate State Army, including commanding the District of Indian Territory in the Trans-Mississippi Theater of the Civil War. After the Civil War, he moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1867 then moved to Washington, D.C. by 1870. In Washington, DC, he worked for newspapers, practiced law and was very involved with the Freemasons. He practiced law in partnership with Robert W. Johnson, former U.S. senator from Arkansas, until 1880. Pike died on April 2, 1891, in Washington, D.C. at the age of 81. The 1880 presidential race resulted in the election of James A. Garfield as President of the United States. Incumbent President Rutherford B. Hayes did not seek re-election in 1880. The major candidates in the election were James A. Garfield of Ohio (Republican), Winfield Scott Hancock of Pennsylvania (Democrat) and James B. Weaver of Iowa (Greenback Party). The voter turnout rate was one of the highest for presidential elections in the nation's history and the popular vote totals were very close.



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Bill Cooper told How Freemasons See The World

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Oscars' Connection To The Occult: Hollywood And Freemasonry

 Brian Wilson compares the Academy Awards' Oscar statue to the ancient Egyptian god Ptah, and describes the widespread occult influence in Hollywood from its own masonic 'stars.'


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  What does Freemasonry and Satanism have in common? You better WATCH OUT!!!



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FBI Freemasonry – Investigation

Many believe the Freemasons are simply a centuries-old charitable fraternity. However, the Catholic Church has consistently condemned Freemasonry more than any other error in its history because it promotes indifferentism, naturalism, communism, and other dangerous philosophies.

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Freemasons behind the revolution in March 1917 in Russia.

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All freemasons.

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 Freemasons promote.

 jews talmud in mas

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 CFR The Council on Foreign Relation.

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 All CFR members.

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Former Nazi Prince Bernhard ( White Gentile) married to Queen Juliana founder of the Bilderberg organization.

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Queen Juliana (White Gentile) is a Freemason.

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The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) treaty laws can override the United States Constitutional Bill of Rights.


I thought the catholic church was connected to FreeMasonory? Haven't they infiltrated the church. Pope Francis just did the masonic handshake with the Peolsi's when they were at the Vatican.
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The Freemasonry teachings and beliefs are based on the Jewish Talmud.

Freemasonry Is Judaism For The Gentiles

 Inside Freemason Luciferian HQ in Washington DC by Round SaturnsEye.It was a bizarre experience to visit this biggest 33 Degree Scottish Rite Freemason Temple in America. Apparently this is the place that Masons from all across the country travel to every two years. This is where Albert Pike is buried - and is full of Saturn Worship symbolism. The very same symbols can be found in the local Jesuit (Catholic) church just down the road!


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  • Paul Bartron 

    Jews are not the only problem behind the ACLU. Behind the Jews or even in front is the secret society known as the Freemasons as well as the “Skull and Bones” of Yale.

    Freemasonry dates back to the building of the “Tower of Babel”. In Strassburg is the European Parliament building which is a replica of the tower of Babel. Judge Warren was a 33rd degree mason the highest level. The MI5 of England is represented by a triangle a Freemason symbol.

    Skull and Bones runs recruiting at CIA. Rothschild is a 33rd degree Mason who has built a Temple in Jerusalem to the occult. The Freemasons use a 6 point star inside a circle known as a Hex which is used in Satanism and the occult.

    The Washington monument is 555ft high and has a foundation 111ft deep. It is a replica of Cleopatra’s Needle a male sexually symbol. The dome on the capital is a female sexual symbol, America was founded on Freemasonry and not Christianity. Freemasonry is a Pagan religion that dates back to Ham known in Greek mythology as Hermes. Texe Marrs Mysterious Monuments.

    Religious Jews might be horrified to find that there is a pyramid in the Jerusalem University put there by Rothschild.

    If have heard from an Orthodox Rabbi in Seattle that the Orthodox Jews blame the Reform for the Holocaust and therefore for the “Jewish Conspiracy.”

    Being “Chosen by Race” is not the same as being “Chosen by obedience to the Law”.

    Since Freemasons are breaking the Law then observant Jews must separate themselves from disobedient Jews. Since it is believed that Freemason Jews wrote the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” it is not something that observant Jews would be supporting.

    The leader of the Zionist movement was not an observant Jew, however how are people of the nations supposed to separate Zionism from religious Judaism? The normal judgment that people will make is that all Jews are evil, they cannot be expected to separate the “Sheep from the Goats.”

    Since Freemasons worship the occult and Satan, the eradication of such Paganism is the work of religious Jews in Israel. In order for observant Jews to avoid another Holocaust they have to expel all Freemasons from the State of Israel starting with Rothschild.

    Freemasons seek the destruction of Christianity as they have stated in the protocols.



Countless organizations influence our society today; many are behind closed doors, and Freemasons are one of them. The Freemasons go back hundreds of years, with a long history and connections into the worlds most wealthy and powerful.

Not many people are aware or have heard of the Freemasons, and you might have seen their symbols on Masonic temples in your area, as they have buildings all over the world.

With information and history becoming more readily available, significant concerns regarding Freemasonry are more sinister and powerful than one can imagine with active involvement behind the scenes to control and destroy our societies. There are countless amounts of information globally with articles, books, documentaries, videos, and experts discussing Freemason activities.

Members consist of political figures, bankers, and many from all walks of life. They are all under oaf with secrecy, yet many are not aware that there is another secret organization inside the Freemasonry, (Illuminati) and they're predominantly of the Zionist Jewish community who serve a very comprehensive list of agendas.

The Illuminati are pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Freemason members, Karl Marx who promoted communism, even dictators like Joseph Stalin, and many banking families like Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Bilderberger organization are all very much involved and the reason for much of today's world's circumstances.

The Freemasons is not a Christian or Muslim organization, and all their customs and ideas are of Jewish traditions from the beginning to the end. They despise God and believe in Lucifer. A freemasonry Shriner 32 degree member admits that Lucifer is the same as Jesus Christ, and he worshipers Lucifer. Today, many Christian leaders are members of Freemasons. For example, Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. (American minister), Rev. Billy Graham (American evangelist), Rev. Al Sharpton (American civil rights activist), Rev. Robert Schuller (American televangelist), and Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin who is an American preacher. This is just a small list as countless Christian leaders are actively partaking in Freemasonry.

The question we may ask ourselves is why are Christian leaders are members of the freemasons? An organization that despises God and worships Lucifer, which represents only pain and dominance upon the world. The answer I can give you is many Christian leaders are not Christian. They may be a priest of Christ, yet their values are only skin deep with other more profound belief systems in play. They are also factoring in the benefits of monetary and power accumulations. They are aware the public is ignorant, and with the evangelical preacher at its best, he or she will be able to push certain beliefs and appeal for funds and voluntary services, and the members of the public will not protest.

The evidence suggests that many leaders, kings, powerful bankers, corporate CEOs, and the top of the mainstream media are members of the Freemasons.

When Adolf Hitler came to power in Europe, he banned Freemasonry in all countries he had conquered. He knew that Freemasonry members are doing their best to destroy nationalism and the family.

These agendas have been an ongoing occurrence in today's world, with Freemasonry continuing to operate in the dark, away from the public. Another reason why Freemasonry has ties to the highest forms of government, bankers, and mainstream media, they knew taking control of these sources will give them the ability to project their agendas. "Control the media, and you control public opinion."

The Freemasonry teachings and beliefs are based on the Jewish Talmud, the kabbalah, and the seven Noahide laws; if you need more information, go and read their encyclopedia.

The Freemasons have also built the Georgia Guidestones in The United States. Messages consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles are engraved in eight different languages.

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the Earth —Leave room for nature.

You'll find some Freemasons have people of color. The Jewish top members refer to White, Black, and Asian as gentle pigs that will never understand the finer objectives of masonry.

 "Masonic lodges are established all over the world to help us achieve our independence."

The Freemasons have influence in most of the world's media, and the evidence suggests they aspire to reduce the world's population by 80%. This is why the media has been promoting Covid-19 to get people to take vaccines for many to become infertile and have complications; ultimately dropping the population down to 500 million.

Freemasons operate virtually in every country worldwide, including Africa, Europe, India, many Asian countries, like Japan and the Philippines. These Freemasons promote the Globalist agenda to get the population vaccinated, destroy the family, go multi-racial, destroy the culture, rewrite history, and yet many of these people are not Jewish. They believe they're good people doing good things for humanity and have become so conditioned they do not realize they're destroying society, including themselves.

A statistic from the Globalist states 80% of people are copiers, so when it comes to their belief system and doing the right thing, they genuinely believe they are by emulating mainstream media values and agendas without questioning the source.

Now we understand Adolf Hitler when he came to power; he closed all the Freemasons down because he knew what they were up to. We, the people, must do the same, close them down, remove all the cult beliefs, agendas, and the best ways to do it is to work inside the Freemasons and strive to bring it down internally.

Many people believe the famous Freemasons symbol is the all-seeing eye, and this video reveals something very different. The bottom v represents the female with her legs open, and the top section describes the male mounting the female, and the eye represents the penis head and the rays going down to the female is the sperm. The Freemasons are very much into sick and weird symbolic traditions, and not only that, they have been known for pedophilia, sex trade, sacrifices, and countless unheard-of ritual ceremonies, which is why they like to keep it secret from the public.

Freemasons also have implemented various hand symbols and handshakes that only other Freemasons will recognize. A few examples of that are: The hand goes inside the coat, making the triangle and varies other handshakes.

The British Queen and her involvement in Freemasons are simply treasonous. The British Queen is the head of the Freemasons. People started the discussion that the Queen is not Christian anymore, but she is a Jewish Queen; we know that Princess Diana was Jewish when she married Charles and, under Jewish law, born under a Jewish mother, means you are Jewish. 

The British Queen and many other royal families all over the world are Freemasons. The Queen and many other royal families in Europe and royalty in other countries are members of Freemasonry. This explains why the royal families do not defend their people. The British Queen and the royal families of Europe do not fight for the rights of white British people or people of Europe. They supported open borders to allow illegal's into the country. They turn a blind eye to the destructure of the family. They allow hatred to be promoted against white people and other races, and they never get up and defend their people and nations.


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Freemason 666

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  Humans Are Quietly Going Extinct

It’s not the hostage situation of climate change, racial equality, or police reform. It isn’t merely a new coronavirus or nuclear war. This overlooked research makes all of those issues meaningless.

The end of human procreation is right around the bend with a target date of 2045 if human fertility continues its race to the bottom. Of course many would argue that stem cell research offers a way forward.

But a way forward for who? Stem cells are only available to the wealthy. All other classes would die off. Exactly as the authors of the Georgia Guidestones would have it.

This is the hidden hand. As humanity is distracted by Marxist indoctrination infiltration, mass starvation, bio warfare, and over 42.6M abortions conducted in 2020, surpassing the world's leading causes of death.

Humanity itself is slowly dying and barely anyone knows about it.


Screenshot 3freemasons rule the w

A naked statue of trump with a freemason ring on in a freemason pose?

Freemasons MOCKING the American People

Armed Patriot

Freemasonry is based on Jewish talmud and kabbalah dude !! Go read their encyclopedias !!


 A naked statue of trump with a freemason ring on in a freemason pose? That isnt occult. That isnt hudden. That is anti trump propagnada.

This video shows SATAN'S FREEMASONS CELEBRATING 300 YEARS of DECEIVING the American People. George Washington, a Freemason, is prominently featured in this MOCKERY of the American People. Ben Franklin, a Freemason, is also featured.

Have you ever seen a TV ad for the Freemason's Shriner's Hospitals?  href="" target="_blank"> .

The Shriners are 33rd degree Freemasons who wear RED hats. They are at the top of Freemasonry.

Here is a list of some of the 33rd Freemasons that shows American politicians, PREACHERS, actors, etc.

Satan's Freemasons feel comfortable enough to MOCK you now Freemasons are DEEPLY involved in the FAKE COVID "pandemic", with the GUIDANCE from the Vatican JESUITS. These are the endtimes of the Bible. You can believe me now, OR you WILL believe me later when it's too late.


Initial List of 33rd Degree Masons
square & compass

Albert Pike addressing the 23 Supreme Councils of the world on July 14, 1889:- "To you, Sovereign Grand Instructors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: 'the Masonic Religion should be,  by all of us initiates of the high degrees,  maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine. . ." It is said that only two U.S. Presidents: Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, were not either Masons or elite members of affiliated bodies

  John Adams
(King) Umberto Agnelli
Buzz Aldrin
Yasser Arafat
(Patriarch) Athenagoras I
Gene Autry
Tobias Axelrod
Rabbi Dr. Leo Baeck
Foster Bailey
Admiral G.W. Baird
Achille Ballori
M.H. Barroso
Bernard Mannes Baruch
Harry L. Baum
Daniel Carter Beard (Boy Scouts)
Alain Bernheim
Justice Hugo Black
Jonathan Blanchard
Tony Blair
John Wilkes Booth
Rev. William Booth (Salvation Army)
Hayden C. Boyce
Werner von Braun
John C. Breckinridge
Sir Richard Burton
Senator Byrd
Plutarco Elias Calles
James Cameron
Jimmy Carter
Hugo Chavez
Richard Cheney
Sir Winston Churchill
Henry Clausen
William J. Clinton
Howell Cobb
James B. Conant
Kenneth Copeland
John H. Cowles
Adolphe Cremieux
Francesco Crispi
Aleister Crowley
Delmar Darrah
Morris B. de Pass
Richard DeVos (Amway)
Walt. Disney
Sen. Bob Dole
General James Doolittle
John Drick
Allen Welsh Dulles
John Foster Dulles
Gerard (Papus) Encausse
Frederick Engels
Senator Sam J. Ervin
Walter M. Fleming
Gerald Rudolf Ford
Henry Ford
(King) Frederick II
Gaylord Freeman
Corrado Ballaco Gabrieli
Harman Gansvort
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Newt. Gingrich
John Glenn
Barry Goldwater
Mikhail Gorbachev
Al Gore
J.J.J. Gourgas
Rev. Billy Graham
James Graham
Col. James "Bo" Gritz
Rev. Kenneth Hagin
Manly P. Hall
Mark Hatfield
Jesse Helms
Christian A. Herter
Richard Holbrooke
J. Edgar Hoover
Col. Edward Mandell House
King Hussein
Saddam Hussein
Rex Hutchens
Burl Icle Ives
Jessie James
Rev. Jesse Jackson
Andrew Johnson
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Dr. Bob Jones Sr.
Jack Kemp
Duke Michael of Kent
Alexander Kerensky
John Kerry
Sir Henry Kissinger
C. Fred Kleinknecht
Kenneth S. Kleinknecht
Helmut Kohl
Ted Kollek
Arnoldo Krumm-Heller
Curtis Lemay
Adriano Lemmi
Lyman Lemnitzer
Vladimir Lenin
McIlyar H. Lichliter
Albert Lontaine
Gen. Douglas MacArthur
Albert G. Mackey
Sir Henry MacMahon
Robert McNamara
Vasili Maklakov
Nelson Mandella
Domenico Margiotta
Thurgood Marshall
James G. Martin
Karl Marx
(Baron) Yves Marsaudon
Douglas E. Maxwell
Joseph Mazzini
Lord Alfred Milner
Francoir Mitterand
Henry Morgenthau
Benjamin Netanyahu
G. Bromley Oxnam
Olof Palme
Henry Palmerston
Shimon Peres
Albert Pike
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
Prince Phillip
Roscoe Pound
(Gen.) Colin L. Powell
Major General John Quitman
Yitzak Rabin
Ronald Reagan
Joseph Rettinger
Harman Gansvort Reynolds
Marshall S. Reynolds
Michel Reyt
Cecil Rhodes
Oral Roberts
Franklin D.Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
Paul Rosen
James Rothschild
Charles Taze Russell
Bishop Carl J. Sanders
Jacob Schiff
Bill Schnoebelen
Gerhard Schroeder
Rev. Robert Schuller
Ronald A. Seale
Rev. Al Sharpton
Senator Simpson
Joseph Stalin
Rudolph Steiner
William H. Taft IV
R.W. Thompson
Storm Thurmond
William Timmons
Leon Trotsky
Harry S. Truman
Re. Canon Richard Tydeman
Pierre G. Vassal
Felix Warburg
Paul Moritz Warburg
Earl Warren
George Warvelle
Chaim Weizmann
H.G. Wells
William Wynn Westcott
Earl Wheeler
Leo Wheeler
W.L. Wilmshurst
John Yarker
Leon Zeldis


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Jewish Rabbi above said the following:

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 Theodor Herzl said the following:

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