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New organization launches $1 million campaign to fight critical race theory in schools

The despicable movement propagating hate-filled critical race theory in schools is now getting pushback from a new education organization that has had enough.

(Article by Joseph Vazquez republished from

The Free to Learn Coalition (FLC) is “joining the fight against critical race theory (CRT), launching Thursday with over $1 million in ads,” according to Fox News. The ads will reportedly be launched on national cable networks and local markets, specifically targeting New York City, Arizona and Virginia. FLC President Alleigh Marré blasted the CRT political scheme in a statement to Fox News: “‘While American students fall behind the rest of the world in reading, writing, math, and science, our school systems are prioritizing political agendas over academic achievement.’”

Marré outlined FLC’s commitment to fighting against woke school boards indoctrinating students:

After a year of having a seat in the classroom with virtual learning, parents across the nation have had enough. Free to Learn will help parents hold school boards and administrators accountable.

In one of the ads targeting the state of Virginia, a narrator slammed executives in Fairfax County for destroying Thomas Jefferson High School by “hiring expensive consultants to push a controversial curriculum [CRT].” The narrator also demanded the county executives “stop pushing political agendas and teach.”


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