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The FBI Exposed

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How the Intelligence Community Keeps "Deplorables" Out of Their Ranks

(Original Episode aired June 12, 2024 on Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson. All Rights Reserved)
The FBI, CIA, DIA etc. has reportedly been "purging" it's ranks of those who they consider conservative, MAGA, and/or potentially anti-Democratic Party. Offering early pensions or simply firing existing members is difficult (thought it happens). But the most effective strategy is to keep those they consider "deplorable" from ever gaining access to their ranks to begin with. How do they do this? The answer is simpler than you might think...and it's been a problem since 2014. Brian O'Shea explained this earlier this week on Absolute Truth w/ Host Emerald Robinson. Hearing the details from Brian gives insight that largely goes unnoticed by those on who have never been on the "inside."



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FBI in the U.S. Admits They Don’t Even Track Antifa Violence.

FBI Admits They Don’t Even Track Antifa Violence

Antifa has both CIA and FBI members coordinating their events. You don't need to monitor something when it is you who runs the place
The FBI only foils plans of their own construction. Antifa is the same thing as the nazi Brown shirts .



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