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European Social Clubs

The Coveners League wants to work with any person who wants to build National and International community-based organizations to represent Caucasians.  The Coveners League wants to work with many organizations and help unite with many arms, bit like an Octopus with different branches or organizations with the aim of catering for all individual needs.  Branching out into different avenues can be useful for people during all stages of their life – from children, youths through to seniors.  We would like to see community clubs with local chapters running these social clubs for members and non-members as a fun way to introduce new people to an organization as well as building networks and a friendship base.

Many European people find it hard to find a European Caucasian for marriage and end up getting married to a non-European person.  The latest statistics show that 10% of European people marry non–European people in the United States – the figure is similar in Britain. This means that over a period of time the European population may well disappear.  A social organization is needed to cater for married couples, singles, children, and youths.

Every pro-European organization will be needed to become part of networking operating nationally and internationally.  The bigger the establishment becomes the more influence pro-European organizations will have on political parties.

These organizations should be active in humanitarian and educational arenas and some do not need to be involved in politics. 

The following information on the Round Table 41club is a good example to follow.

Round Table International Club

 We are using this organization as an example: We want European Caucasian organization only, The Round Table is Globalist international multicultural multiracial organization that was founded in Norwich England in 1927 from a small group of 8 members and has become a truly global organization.  It has a membership of approximately 50,000 with 2,700 clubs in 65 countries.

The social network and charitable side of the organization which is open to all ages between from 18 to 45 was set up by the wives in 1932 for their social networking and charitable fundraising.

What is the 41club?  
The Retirement members have their club also called the 41 Club.  The full name is:  "The Association of Ex-Round Tablers Club."  Just to name some countries where these clubs are situated:

International 41club

-  Austria                                                                                      
-  Bahrain
-  Belgium
-  Brazil
-  Britain
-  Bulgaria
-  Cyprus
-  Czech Republic
-  Denmark
-  Finland
-  France
-  Germany
-  Greece
-  Hong Kong
-  Hungary
-  Iceland
-  India
-  Ireland
-  Israel     
-  Kenya
-  Morocco
-  New Zealand
-  Norway
-  Poland
-  Portugal
-  South Africa
-  Seychelles Islands
-  Turkey
-  United States    
-  Uganda – and other countries.

Activities:  Most local clubs hold regular meetings each fortnight and come together for football, black tie dinners, charity runs, bungee jumping, skiing and a general get-together with friends to have drinks and also fun.  Activities might vary from club to club.

The objectives of the organization:  to promote good citizenship and loyalty to their country and develop good international relationships and fellowship amongst people.

Frankfurt School

More Information

Wikipedia Article

Round Table International Website

Round Table Great Britain & Ireland

Ladies Circle International

Ladies Circle Great Britain & Ireland

Recommendation For European (Caucasian) & Jewish Clubs

My recommendation is to build a national and international club similar to the Round Table but with some differences;

  • The Round Table Club has two sections; one for men and one for women and the membership age is between 18 to 45 years.  My recommendation is for the club to have no age limit, with memberships starting from the very young to the elderly and catering for women who are pregnant, parents with babies, children, teenagers, adults and of course to include the elderly.
  • Both men and women can come together to make friends and to give those looking for new partners a chance to find somebody.
  • Monthly newsletter to help people meet other Caucasians with activities and to have fun at homes parties, dinners, meetings and outings.  The members then receive a newsletter and are able to choose what functions they would like to attend. 
  • The world is a big place and a regional monthly newsletter can be published about information on all functions.
  • All these functions are to have rules against any bad behavior and to promote good manners.
  • The club should also promote friendship and understanding between all Caucasians  (Europeans) worldwide and fight for their rights nationally and internationally and work against wars amongst Caucasian people. You could work with other international organizations and also with the United Nations. 
  • The club could raise money to fight against racism, bigotry, ethnic cleansing against Europeans, Jews, and other races.
  • The club could educate people about the right attitudes, relationships and marriage, teach men and women to respect each other.
  • To promote marriage and help Mums and Dads in outings with their children and to encourage parents to have larger families.
  • Every idea the members have can be promoted such as field days and having fun.  A very important aspect are ideas on starting new business ventures, such as buying into media to fight for our rights, setting up publishing companies to print the books for our rights, magazines, and newspapers.  Buying into media and setting up publishing companies are easy through an organization but very difficult to accomplish on one’s own.
  • Use the internet to promote ideas and to give alternative news of the highest standard of quality on every subject in life, health, relationships, religion and World matters.
  • Promote loyalty to the Caucasian people worldwide.
  • To develop a Caucasian community to organize where money is spent in the community, both nationally and internationally.
  • To work with all organizations nationally and internationally for Caucasian rights and working with any government and people of all colors and races nationally and internationally against the enemies of all people worldwide.
  • Charity work in helping Caucasian people who need help, such as compassion and helping to find partners.
  • People can donate items to a collection agency which will be given to needy families and when these families finish with them, they can give them back to the agency for other needy couples, the handicapped, elderly and people who are in need.
  • Promote leadership training from the very young upwards.
  • To build and finance a legal organization to fight for our rights nationally and internationally and the United Nations to work with colored people.
  • To promote knowledge and educate children and adults about our Ice Age culture, tribal culture, moving through history, finance and how bankers start wars to make money.  Also to work against the negative teachings in schools which promote intermarriage and to promote lifetime attitudes so when we pass away our children can carry on the fight for our rights.
  • Recommend teaching children and young adults on the subject of behavioural sciences.  For teaching notes and informative reading  Go Here

Gentile Motorcyclists Alliance

The Jewish-founded an organization in 2004 called the Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance (JMA), which is an umbrella organization for Jewish motorcycle clubs from around the world.  Included are organized groups in Canada, Israel, United States, Australia, and England, representing over 2,500 Jewish motorcycle enthusiasts.

We need to copy what the Jews have done and build umbrella organizations to bring together all European Caucasian motorcycle clubs.

Internet Social Networking Community

There aren't many (or any) non-Jewish social network sites, especially when it come to European gentiles.  The Jews are well organized in this area; the following websites give ideas on how to build social websites.

Learn from Jewish world social networking community

Jews are so successful because they help their communities to develop good social networking community organizations and websites to bring their people together and help them find partners, have fun, leadership training, Jewish reunions, Jewish humor, Jewish travel and including quick and easy ways to find index information.

Another great example of a Jewish community site is which has many interactive links.  It includes a Jewish singles section with approximately 500,000 Jewish singles from all over the World and with there being an estimated 13 million Jews on the planet, that is roughly about 1 in 26 people.

This Jewish website for the Australian Jewish Community is a guide to the Jewish world.  It includes community organizations, synagogues & festivals, education, schools, songs, glorious food, Bar Mitzvah and also includes an online store.

Singles and Social Groups in Each City

Israeli Dances

Israeli Dance Camps

Gentile Camps to Strengthen European Caucasian Identity

Gentiles should learn from the Jews who have camps for their children to create a bond with their race and culture.  These camps can be two-day camps or over a weekend and would include learning history, reading/writing skills, creating pride and teaching them good attitudes about surviving in life and being successful along with other activities such as how to start a campfire, make pots, paintings etc.  These camps should be lots and lots of fun so people look forward to going to them.  These camps can also include adults and they will derive enjoyment from them as well.  A good venue would be farm properties where a little bit of farm work could be done in order to assist the farmer in return for free stay on the farm.

It Is official: Jewish camp strengthens Jewish identity

Hundreds of thousands of Jewish camp alumni – and their parents – have long known that those halcyon weeks spent at Jewish summer camp don’t just cement lifelong friendships, they strengthen Jewish identity.


Internet Sites and Services Aimed at the Global White Community

Internet Hacker

The Internet has become a major source of information nationally and internationally and the New World Order politicians are opposed to free information given to the public on the Internet.

The media dictators want to control the websites so they can keep their monopoly on information.  Many people have complained that Google and YouTube are restricting and removing videos and articles so the people cannot get the other side of the story.  The United States anti-Semitic Zionist establishment wants Julian Assange, who released information to the people about the so-called Government which they wanted to keep secret, to be given the death penalty or many years in jail.  We must help and support him.

The United States Constitution guaranteed free speech under the Constitution.  One of the founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin of the United States said:  “They, who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."



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