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The Last European Pagans

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Paganism is here in Europe and other white western countries, Whites have discovered who they really are and their history.. hail the gods and loyalty and honor to our dead ancestors!

 ерун┊ Pre-Christian Slavic ♇agan Native Faith Story...

  What Is Known About Slavic Mythology



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 Europe's last pagans

Published on Mar 14, 2012
In ancient times, people of most ethnic groups used to pray like the Mari El pagans do to this day. These people are so loyal to their gods that their belief survived both the Christian expansion and the ban on all religions during Soviet times. Their ceremonies resemble scenes from Hogwarts, but their religious leader looks nothing like Alan Rickman. Meet Europe's last pagans on RTDoc. Source: RTД

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Our faith is a recreation of the ancient ways. The Mari faith however ARE the ancient ways. Handed down generation to generation in an unbroken chain. I never knew until today that branches of Paganism survived intact through the burning times.
When they say "Europe's last pagans" it doesn't mean they are the only ones, as many people here have said on their comments. What they mean is that this religion is the only pagan one that was UNBROKEN and survived. All other pagan religions, such as neopagans, reconstructionists, and Wiccans are either new or rebuilding a religion that technically died. Much of the customs and knowledge was lost, these people never lost their religion so in the sense of an unbroken chain of worship, yes they are the last pagans in Europe.
LOL those of you saying "Thank God" for smashing Paganism, are profoundly ignorant. The name God comes from Godan meaning Good One, and thus Odin, Wodan, Vodun, Rodan, etc. Otherwise Pagan simply means from GREEK  country dweller. So you :Christians" living in the Country listening to Country Music are by default under Greek and Roman terms already PAGANS, and were called such by said ROMANS before Constantine had Catholicism made as the Religion of the Roman empire. From your "monotheist claims" El Elyon /Al Alyan/ Al ilah also are such "PAGAN" names and origins. Deal with it. Tolerance is a ridiculous claim, try Respect, learn impersonal truth and then knock it the fuck off.
So good God does not take sides, but damn the believers who think they have some sort of DIVINE patent on the Universe. Have you buried the dead, prayed for them at head stones, left flowers at a grave? You are by default making a sacrifice to the dead. Have you ever sworn an oath on a ring for a wedding, celebrated Christmas, had a pot luck, lit a candle, sang, danced, asked for the Divine to send you some sort of sign? Its all the same. Where do you think it all comes from? Polytheism nitwits! Do you not have a panic attack if someone burs a Torah, Bible, Koran? its no different than destroying ancient Rune Stones, building a "Church" on a mound and desecrating another culture's bible written in the land scape! Have you ever used the word Holy Day? Its not Hebrew, Greek or Latin! Have you ever referred to a building of prayer as God's House? It comes From Godhaus, meaning Good House and God House as a temple, and its not Hebrew, Greek or Latin! Your angels and demons come from polytheism. Your term saints replaced the older form Haligar meaning Holy Ones. Even your Hammer Used in a Court of Law comes from Pr-Christian sources as the Hammer of Wuldor, meaning Old Thor ruling over the old courts called the Althingi! Have you ever referred to a gathering for business or family occasions a meeting? They were called Gemota (The Meets) for both religious and secular reasons! Ever tell stories at a camp fire? That goes way back to when people were all nomadic and polytheists! Do you wear any jewelry, use soap, bath? All things from so called pagan sources! You are all being a bunch of insane Rabid DOGS under a CULT of Tyranny! Freedom is also a so called PAGAN WORD AND CONCEPT! No holiday. No festival. No song, no musical instrument, no menu, recipe, NOTHING you can argue does NOT have its roots and Origins in so called PAGAN cultures, and JUST AS YOU Monotheists or Whatever do not Call YOURSELVES Pagans or Heathens, Neither Did the cultures whom you applied such terms to. Period. AND as a FINAL NOTE not a single letter or word or number you read or write existed after MONOTHEISM but Predates it by thousands of years right down to your calendars, your symbols, your methods of building and even your views on HOW TO OR WHAT TO FUCK and what is and isn't TABOO! You know why "God" does not speak to any of you? It is not necessarily that he does not exist. It is because what you are praying to or THINK you are praying to DOES NOT EXIST. 

No, these aren't the last Pagans. There are many groups that practice Wicca, or are trying to revive the religions of the ancient Celts, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, etc. They are perhaps the last group of Pagans with an unbroken heritage, but certainly not the only Pagans.

Interesting Comments
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