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Rogers' Rangers raid Fort Ticonderoga during the French and Indian War.
 Fort Ti 1953 Western George Montgomery Joan Vohs Irving Bacon Summary: Capt. Horn (George Montgomery) and Rogers' Rangers raid Fort Ticonderoga during the French and Indian War.
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Captain Morgan was never charged as a pirate and was for a time acting governor of Jamaica. The area of Llanrumney in Jamaica takes its name from the village in Wales where he was born. Llanrumney is just 3 miles from the village where I lived and is now part of Cardiff Wales' capital ciity.
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Captain Klaus Muller desperately fighting to save his men against Russians encirclement on the Eastern Front. Wounded he is sent to Normandy a few days before the D-Day invasion, however here he finds his fiancée and her father serving with the Army. And must now try to save them from the local Gestapo chief, all the while trying to survive the Allies landing. Inspired by real events as they took place during the war. This is the DIRECTORS cut not the general release. See more in my notes about the movie. Please keep in mind this is an Independent movie made for nothing by a bunch of soldiers, it is not Saving Private Ryan but I will say we have more hardware:-)
 Tino Von Struckmann
Tino Von Struckmann
Just remember this was the first movie I ever directed over 10 years ago, so certainly it has flaws, but with this edit of the movie I tried to fix some of the problems and issues that had made it into the original release, and also added before unseen footage and small scenes. What we wanted to do was to tell part of the story facing the Germans in Normandy, as it is mostly untold in movies. And of course add a little romance as we are in France right. It may be a battle heavy war film, but I do love the scene in the prison and I hope you galls do to:-) Enjoy
 Karen Moore
This is one of the best World War II movies I've ever seen. Impressed with how well the humanity of both the Germans, and the Allied forces was portrayed in this film. War is a terrible thing.
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Julius Caesar Full Movie By Film&Clips
Twenty year-old Julius Caesar flees Rome for his life during the reign of Sulla but through skill and ambition rises four decades later to become Rome's supreme dictator.
Zhor'i Ambassador
2:48:15 Julius Caesar: "Before conducting business, I wish to convene to my fellow Senators that today will be my last day as your consul and dictator. As stated earlier, I have no wish to be king and to be dictator during a time of peace is unnecessary according to our traditions. Therefore, by the end of today I will dissolve myself of my post and live the rest of my days as appointed governor for the Roman Province of Egypt for as long as I should live. No longer will you need to fear me upon the suspicion of becoming King in Rome, instead I shall be King in Egypt under Rome. Alas, I wish for the Senate to choose my successor by the end of today and to be someone of my approval before I depart. Lastly, Brutus and others. Please remove those daggers I can see hidden within your robes. They are not necessary."
Michael Greenwood
A question please of time, dates, history and J. Caesar. I do not know the answer. The ill omen and recorded date of his death is the 15th March 44 BCE, The so called 'ides of March' . But surly the Ides are the 14th? Not the 15th. I am referring to Iota Delta (ID (14)). The Greek numbering system which was mostly also the Roman. The 15th would be Iota Epsilon. But in Hebrew their numbering system diverges about there and their do not use Iota Epsilon on account some Hebrew teacher said that the name sounds too close to their God's name. So my question is not consistent with Hebrew numbering. Just Greek, Roman and our own. IE the ides surly pertain to the 14th where as history usually reports his fatakkl death as occuring on the 15th.
Cheryl Gumulauski
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely as the old saying goes.
Blacks 4 Trump
Criminals in government then, Criminals in government now!
Aniq Ahmad
Caesar remind how good people used the power he had for greater good but unfortunately history tell a different story for him, sounds to me the Rome politics are no different than today corruption to the core.
 Vh Hurtado
Nice film rendition of the Battle of Alesia. That one campaign deserves its own movie.
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Good for the age but that is not how the Romans fought in battles.. Were there no historian in the movie making team
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 A classy biopic of the inventor of the telephone, which was for a while called the "Ameche" in the movie's honor. Stars Don Ameche, Loretta Young, and Henry Fonda. With Charles Coburn, Spring Byington, Gene Lockhart, and Young's sisters Polly Ann and Georgiana. Directed by Irving Cummings.

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Apocalypto (2006)(Eng Subs)Full Movie

"Apocalypto," is a heart stopping mythic action-adventure set against the turbulent end times of the once great Mayan civilization. When his idyllic existence is brutally disrupted by a violent invading force, a man is taken on a perilous journey to a world ruled by fear and oppression where a harrowing end awaits him. The film is directed by white gentile American European Mel Gibson. The film shows how people lived in South American before whites came. 
Rating: R (for sequences of graphic violence and disturbing image).

Mel Gibson made Apocalypto by far the most impression-impacting film I have seen in many years. Mel built us a time machine and put us there. So tired of gangster anti-white films, it's good to see the white man magic by one of the best directors of course.

Mel Gibson - Making Apocalypto Documentary

Apocalypto then and now | Movie cast before and after 2006
n w india m
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Jean Peters ~Andy Gibb

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Botany Bay (1952) Alan Ladd, James Mason

In 1787 prisoners are shipped from England to Botany Bay Australia to start a new penal colony. Among them is an American medical student who had been wrongly imprisoned. During the journey he begins to clash with the villainous Captain and is soon plotting a full-scale mutiny against him


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Turn Of The Tide The Full Film 1935

 The arrival in a Yorkshire fishing village of the Lunns with a modern fishing boat is deeply resented by the Fosdykes. Eventually hostilities are overcome and the families join forces to get a modern deep sea fishing boat.

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Forbidden Cargo-1954-Jack Warner, Nigel Patrick, Elizabeth Sellars



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1930 - The Big Trail - John Wayne; Tyrone Power

 Breck Coleman leads hundreds of settlers in covered wagons from the Mississippi River to their destiny out West.






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The Legend of Frenchie King | WESTERN | Brigitte Bardot | Full Movie | Free Western Film


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  River of no return (1954) Part I

  River of no return (1954) Part II


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The Mississippi Gambler (1953) Full Movie - M4UHD

 In 1854, Mississippi riverboat honest card gambler Mark Fallon wins young Laurent Dureau's diamond necklace family heirloom which, in the end, will bring him . The Mississippi Gambler 1953 Tyrone Power Piper Laurie Full Length Western Movie *** Stars: Tyrone Power, Piper Laurie, Julie Adams *** Director: Rudolph .



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Susan Hayward & Tyrone Power - Untamed.

Tyrone Power is not Latino his father was Irish/English descent and his mother was French-Canadian.

Susan Hayward was a beautiful woman in her day - a heroine to die for.

tyrone and susan,what a beautiful pair they made.too bad they didn't make films together earlier in the late 30s and 40s than here in the middle 1950s.henry king and ty powers 10th film together beginning in 1936



Adventure Film


Unconquered is a 1947 adventure film Based on Neil Swanson's "Unconquered, a Novel of the Pontiac Conspiracy," produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille.  It focuses on "Abby" Hale, (Paulette Goddard), who is condemned to death by a British court and was charged, then offered clemency if she would become an indentured servant or bond slave in America.  The film depicts the violent struggles between American colonists and Native Americans on the western frontier.  The Indians launched an attack in 1763 by a loose confederation of native tribes, primarily from the Great Lakes region, the Illinois and Ohio countries under the Ottawa chief, Pontiac, and was called the Pontiac's Rebellion.  There is a bidding competition between Captain Christopher Holden, (Gary Cooper), and Martin Garth, (Howard Da Silva), which Holden wins.  He then sets her free after which Garth, a sore loser, kidnaps Abby. 

This movie is a good introduction to understanding that a number of white people were indentured slaves.

 The Department of Homeland Security has been infiltrated

The Department of Homeland Security has been …

PURGE - Fictional Narrative: The Department of Homeland Security has been infiltrat...


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